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Open Letter to the Editor-in-Chief of the Star newspaper

Attn: Datuk Wong Chun Wai

On October 11th the Star published a very biased article against me, claiming that I said that I will sacrifice some of my colleagues so that I can be appointed to the Cabinet if Im elected President.

Your reporter and editorial team went all out to put words in my mouth and to paint me as a power hungry man.

In good faith I asked for a correction from your newspaper, which you agreed to do the next day.

However to my disappointment on October 12th you published an article saying that I claimed that my statement was taken out of context.

I wish to be very clear. I never made the sacrifice statement.

Your newspaper should have issued an apology for putting words in my mouth.

Datuk Wong Chun Wai, a man of your experience and knowledge would already have known the President of MCA always has the prerogative to submit a list of the ministers and deputy ministers from his party to the Prime Minister. This does not make the MCA President a power hungry man.

Very fortunately, knowing your editorial teams bias my campaign team recorded the interview on camera to ensure your honesty.

This video will show how the reporter attempted to make me seem power hungry but was instead given a free lesson on the Malaysian political process.

I have uploaded this video to Youtube for all Malaysians to see.

This blatant attempt to discredit a candidate not aligned to your political masters is the same reason why I fought against the Nanyang takeover.

I am certain many Malaysian's share in my disappointment with the lack of journalistic integrity displayed by your newspaper.

Dato Chua Jui Meng
( MCA Presidential Candidate 2008 )

Compare this to the original article

Jui Meng: I'm not at a disadvantage
KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Chua Jui Meng (pic) feels he is not at a disadvantage in being out of the Cabinet when contesting for the MCA presidency.

However, the former Health Minister said that if he becomes party president, he has the prerogative to suggest names from the MCA to be appointed as ministers.

One of the names would be his.

“I will not ask for one (Cabinet post) but I will name myself as one (Cabinet minister) to the Prime Minister in my capacity as president.

“I don’t have to ask anybody about this,” said the 64-year-old former party vice-president.

Chua is confident that there would be Cabinet reshuffle after the party elections on Oct 18. He is facing Transport Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat in his second attempt at the top post.

He said he would sacrifice some of his colleagues if they lost in the elections to make himself a full minister.

“That is the right of the president to decide who the ministers and deputy ministers are (from the party),” he told The Star.

Chua said that being knowledgeable, senior and experienced were his strengths in vying for the party presidency.

“I believe the members recognise that a candidate needs Cabinet seniority, experience and depth of knowledge when dealing with the senior members of the Cabinet, many of whom are from Umno,” he said.

Chua, who is unperturbed that certain quarters in the party had written him off as a “has been”, said he was confident of making a comeback.

“Weren’t (Tun) Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) and (Datuk Seri) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi referred to as leaders of the past?

“Wasn’t (Datuk) Shahrir (Abdul Samad) referred to in the same tone? (Datuk Seri Dr) Rais Yatim?

“Obviously, all these people came back from the cold,” he said.

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Return to Relevance

Nationwide Tour
If elected, I promise that in the first year of my Presidency I will CONDUCT A NATIONWIDE TOUR to hear the views of our community. This will constitute a vital part of our exercise to realign our Party’s core values. The ideas and concerns compiled will be tabled at the next General Assembly.

Community Hall Meetings
I will also institute a practice for all our Divisions to HOLD ANNUAL COMMUNITY HALL MEETINGS with the leaders of their community. Our goal will be to pick up on common threads of concern throughout the nation that can be discussed and debated openly at the General Assembly.

Masterplans for the Community
In line with my 2005 election manifesto, I also pledge to CREATE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND EDUCATION MASTERPLANS for the community, to be undertaken by INSAP – MCA’s think tank. I will further empower INSAP by BRINGING IN THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST MINDS IN THE COMMUNITY to help in creating these Masterplans.

We must never forget that MCA is to the community as fish is to the water. The water can exist without the fish, but the fish cannot live without the water. Therefore I aim to create a political leadership that is in touch with the party, and a party that is in touch with the people!





因此,我的目标是要创造与党建立密切关系的党 领导层,党则和人民保持密切接触。

Rebuild the Party, Transparency & Democracy

Promoting Transparency and Democracy
I believe that democracy thrives when we have a Party leadership that is accountable to the Party, however accountability can only be enforced through transparency.

Huaren Holdings
We need to INTRODUCE RULES THAT WILL ENFORCE TRANSPARENCY, for example that it should be mandatory for the Huaren accounts to be published during the Party’s AGM.

Currently Huaren Holding’s accounts are not transparent; members, leaders and Central Delegates do not know how much profit we make a year, how much expenditures are incurred and how the money has been spent. We need to ensure that the Party’s finances are being ably and fairly administered and distributed.

Furthermore now we need to provide financial assistance to our MCA comrades in Penang, Selangor, Perak, and Kedah, who having lost their state and parliamentary seats are no longer entitled to MP or ADUN allocations for their constituencies.

We need to also help to our party members in Sabah, who until today still do not have their own MCA state building.

Huaren Holdings belongs to MCA, and therefore to all MCA members. Therefore we should ensure that A SIGNIFICANT PART OF ITS PROFITS IS DISTRIBUTED TO ALL THE DIVISIONS to fund our activities as we seek to reconnect with the people.

Disciplinary Committee
We will also need to LIMIT THE POWERS OF THE DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE so that its powers can never be abused to silence legitimate dissent within the Party. Our Party can no longer afford to ignore criticisms but must be brave enough to hear all views.








Rebuild the Party, Where Are Our Members?

Where Are Our Members?
MCA is increasingly becoming a hollow shell. Though we claim to have some 1.3 million members, however, during the General Election only a small fraction comes out to campaign on our behalf. This is because most branches don’t know who or where their members are.

I ask every Division leadership, “How many MCA members can you call up to help the Division during the General Elections?” If the answer is 200, I would say that you are doing very well. However this means that we can only expect a maximum of some 40,000 members nationwide to come forward to help MCA and the BN candidates.

We need to undertake a nationwide campaign involving MCA Headquarters, State Liaison Committees, Divisions and Branches to locate all our members, and update and consolidate our membership database.

The Branch Leaders need to actively interact with these members to inform and explain to them the new vision and direction of the Party, so that they feel included and motivated to support MCA’s vision.

When we can locate and educate our members, we will then become a force to be reckoned with and this will ensure victory for our candidates in the next General Elections.

If we can identify and educate 400,000 members, then MCA will become a powerful political force and at every General Election we will be able to call on average 2,000 members in every Parliamentary constituency to help BN’s candidates.




我在此问每一个区会领导层,“在大选时,区会可以动员多少位党员来帮忙?”如果答案是 200位,我会说你们“做得很好”。因为那意味着,我们可以预期全国会有大约4万名党员前来协助马华候选人及国阵候选人。


Monday, October 13, 2008

Rebuild the Party, Overcoming May-13 Syndrome

Overcoming MCA’s Post-May 13th 1969 Syndrome
In 2005 I campaigned for the Presidency on the platform of renewal, as I knew then even as I know now that without rejuvenating our Party’s mindset and spirit we would lose the confidence of the community.

I also warned that the presidential election then would determine the acceptability of our Party in the future. My only surprise is that its acceptability was rejected so quickly.

On March 8th of this year our Party was delivered a stinging rebuke by our community and nation.

We now fight for our survival, our very existence.

We need a commitment to change, to transformation. Transformation of OUR MINDSET of a subordinate to UMNO, that prevents us from playing a more active role in formulating and deciding key policies that impact our community and our nation.

Transformation of OUR SPIRIT OF FEAR - that we will offend UMNO and lose our positions and privileges if we speak out against policies that are obviously detrimental to the unity and development of our nation.

Transformation of OUR FOCUS, which due to our mentality and our spirit has been focused on social and welfare projects. Though these programs are good, they should not be our Party leadership’s priority. Our Party is a political party, first and foremost! We shall delegate it to the Divisions and Branches to continue to improve on our service to the people, to build up UTAR and our TAR Colleges, and to obtain scholarships for our nation’s youth. Our leadership’s focus must be on major issues, on national policies.

在2005年,我竞选马华总会长,我的竞选纲领 是革新,当时和现在一样,我知道,如果我党不 革新思维和精神,我们将失去华裔同胞的信任。

我当时也警告说那一次的总会长选举,将决定我 党未来的公信力。我唯一感到惊奇的是,我们的 公信力那么快就受到否决。

在今年的308大选中,我党受到华裔同胞和人民 的拒绝。



改变我们从属于老二角色。这种思维阻止我们扮 演更积极的角色,以参与制定和决定会影响华社 和全体人民的重要政策。

改变我们的害怕精神。我们担心,如果我们发 言反对显然会危害到国民团结和国家发展的政 策,我们将会冒犯到巫统,及失去我们的地位和 特权。

改变我们的注意力。由于我们的思维和精神,我 们的注意力集中在社会及福利计划。虽然这些计 划是好的,它们不应该是我党的优先事项。我党 首先及最重要的是政党!我们应该注意的是重大 课题,是国家的政策。在小事上逞英雄——已经 做得太多了

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Change or BE DESTROYED...

I read on The Star this morning (or rather The Star Online) an article entitled "Change or be Changed" by Wong Chun Wai on his column ON THE BEAT. I think that this article hit all the right notes but it is rather mild on its analysis. I have produced the article below in italics with my personal comments (and ideas) interposed in between.

Change or be changed

The new MCA leadership has to speak the language of the new Malaysians. They can no longer adopt a communal approach but must instead engage the younger voters.

BY Saturday, the MCA would have a new leadership. A new party president, deputy president and possibly a new line-up of vice-presidents.

The clear favourite to win the party presidency at this point is Datuk Ong Tee Keat, who is being challenged by former Health Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng.

Ong has a huge task ahead for him as we must acknowledge that the political landscape has changed after March 8. It cannot be business as usual. Like Umno, the MCA must realise it has to change or be changed in the next general election.

The analysis so far is true - however there are 2 points that I disagree - Firstly, By saying that Datuk Ong is a clear favourite and saying that he has a huge task in front of him - you are stoking bias. Please state your reference or poll (from amongst the electorate - i.e. in this case the Central Delegates) prior to making general statements like the above.

Secondly, the MCA MUST realise that IT HAS TO CHANGE or BE DESTROYED in the next election. The next election is a LIFE or DEATH situation for the party.

But the MCA, despite the opposition onslaught, still has 15 MPs, which provides the party a decent position to bargain. This is unlike the MIC and Gerakan, which have only two MPs each and face a Herculean task of rebuilding themselves.

For a start, the MCA cannot continue its mono-ethnic features, even if the fact remains that it is a communal-based party. Its leaders have to learn to use English and Bahasa Malay­sia, in a much stronger manner, at their meetings, conventions and even on their banners. It must also take up issues affecting other communities.

This is why I would not support ONG for the role. He has consistently used only Mandarin and has refused to debate in English and Mandarin. If he is elected president of the MCA, it will face oblivion as he will be unable to connect with non-mandarin speaking Chinese! This is evident, most Malaysians - in particular the younger Malaysians are primarily BM or English speaking with at most a basic Mandarin education at our primary schools. They will not understand a leader that revels in speaking in roundabout classical Chinese. A leader of the MCA needs to be consise on understandable to the masses. A leader of the MCA need NOT be a classical scholar. Those days died with the demise of the Imperial system in China back in the early 1900s.

Unless it makes a serious effort to be more multi-racial in outlook, it will face serious competition from multi-racial parties like Parti Keadilan Rakyat and the DAP.

MCA leaders can be defensive about this by arguing about the racial dominance of Malays or Chinese in these parties but the point is that their doors are open to all.

Neither can the MCA continue to depend on its excellent service centres, financial support for Chinese schools, Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

This is a very good point. Thus, to even be a credible leader of the Chinese people - you have to be able to bring about Equality among Races. This means stepping up to the plate and opposing measures that cause inequality. This means standing up against the NEP. Anyone who says the NEP is an old issue while it remains an issue close to the heart of ALL MALAYSIANS is asleep and out of touch, irrespective if the person is young at the early 50s.

Changed expectations
The young voters, who make up over 60% of the electorate, regard such support as the right of taxpayers and responsibility of a political party.

Yes, it is unfortunate that they don’t ask the same from PKR, PAS or the DAP, and it seems unfair, but that is the reality that the MCA and other Barisan Nasional parties have to live with.

The expectations of Malaysians have changed. They expect MCA leaders to be arti­culate, not just in Mandarin, but to speak up intelligently and to be a voice of Malaysians. They expect to see MCA leaders with dignity and respect and that can only happen if the MCA leaders win back the respect of the community and Malaysians.

They have followed the American presidential election debates on TV and they expect a similar kind of quality from their leaders, regardless of their parties.

Once again, this argues against Ong. His refusal to DEBATE and connect with the people via TV in ENGLISH & MANDARIN shows that either he is arrogant - or just plain scared of putting his views on public record. If we do not hear your voice, how do we know if you can speak up intelligently and BE OUR VOICE!

They see a black man about to make history by winning the election and they ask why race, religion and gender should continue to feature so strongly in Malaysia. To put it blunt­ly, they are sick of the kind of race politics in Malaysia.

They want change and the first warning was on March 8. There will be no more signals four years down the line if the Barisan continues to sell the same product and formula, even as the voters are crying loudly for change.

Datuk Ong's videos, scripted and propoganda like, shows that he is still selling the same product and formula - while the people are crying for change! His lack of substance in the videos with 'inferred' meanings of 'climbing mountains', 'religious freedom' (also stated in today's THE STAR) is a direct contrast to Dato' Chua's statements released on You Tube - simple, consise positions. I rather have a leader that stands still on a podium with content than a leader that aspires to be a film star. If you want to be a film star, I suggest you don't run for president of the MCA - go instead for Cleo's Top Bachelors or Malaysian Idol.

We cannot deny that for the last 50 years, the Alliance and Barisan have performed well and developed Malaysia to this level. In all fairness, we need to revisit and recognise the contributions of Umno, the MCA and the MIC. The Barisan has brought stability and develop­ment to Malaysia; no one can deny this, not even the Opposition.

But history doesn’t sell. We can talk about Merdeka and the wisdom of our founding fathers and we can remind everyone of the Social Contract but it will just draw a blank look from our young. In their lingo, it’s like “Duh?”

To the Internet and I-pod generation, these politicians don’t connect. The link is down, as they say in computer language, but these politicians sadly don’t seem to realise this.

History is an important part of the equation - but it is important to KNOW how MCA was like in the past. The MCA was a revolutionary party - one that fought to give the Chinese a home in this land and stand as equals with UMNO at the podium of independence.

So I suggest Datuk Ong to sit down as reevaluate his connection. He does not get it! What is the use of having YouTube videos that looks good without content? and then lock the comments? What is the use of having comments on your website - and ignores the feeling and intentions of the very readers?

Multi-racial outlook
Neither can we brush aside corruption, the abuse of power and arrogance of power. They see has-been politicians with tainted reputation seeking to stage a comeback.

Can Malay­sians be blamed if they have a cynical, if not downright pessimistic, view of their future?

Mr. Wong Chun Wai, I suggest you re-evaluate your comments on 'has-been' politicians with 'tainted' reputation. Do you by chance be mentioning Muhammad Taib, who was held in Brisbane for a monetary scandal? or do you have any chance be mentioning Mohd Isa with his brush with money politics?

What are you talking about? We are indeed a cynical bunch, pessimistic - but it is more directed AT THE CURRENT LEADERSHIP of spineless, useless leaders warming their seats of power. Leaders who have gone silent on corrupt practices like the PKFZ scandal and MCA's brush with mafia leaders.

Malaysians want to see a more transparent, more democratic, cleaner and fairer government.

We want to have a more transparent, democratic, cleaner and fairer governments! We need to have leaders that are willing to commit themselves to this endeavour and change the very fabric of our political culture! By just bringing in more e-government is not going to allow us to bring about change! In addition, if a leader that is 'commited to reform' insinuate himself with the current political dynasty - he is NOT a leader that can REFORM the party.

They want to see a more multi-racial outlook. They want to feel safe at home and on the streets, and they wonder why the Govern­ment and the police cannot carry out this simple task and prefer to blame the press, foreigners and everyone else for the rising crime rate except themselves.

Mr Wong, I suggest you read Dato' Chua's manifesto - which have incidentally touched on this issue. I quote:-

Bringing Safety and Security to All Malaysians

With a strong, transparent and accountable government in place, we need to start addressing issues that affect the daily lives of all Malaysians. Amongst the many issues the most important one is to ensure the safety and security of all Malaysians.

As such, I support the effort to INCREASE THE MANPOWER AND LEGAL/EVIDENCE TRAINING OF POLICE OFFICERS to help fight the growing menace of crime. A strong, professional, noncorrupt and rakyat friendly police force is the cornerstone of any effort to combat crime and securing the nation so that every Malaysian can feel safe on the roads, in their workplaces and schools and most importantly in their homes.

As for Datuk Ong - his words on this is...
He is more concerned about the environment that about the safety of Malaysians!

The young generation, so used to the freedom of expression on cyberspace, want to speak up freely without the threat of the Internal Security Act being thrown at them.

The MCA has to speak the language of the new Malaysians. Changes cannot be made overnight but steps need to be taken now.

Reforms alone in the MCA would not help the Barisan as the lead has to come from Umno too, as the dominant party of the ruling coalition.

The new leaders in MCA would have to face the New Malaysians from next week. Their duty is to bring in new ideas and adopt new approaches.

The language of New Malaysians need not come from a younger leader. It can come from an older leader that has the experience and wisdom to look beyond the short term. Deng Xiao Ping, Dr Mahathir were such leaders and it is my sincere belief that Dato' Chua is such a leader as well.

So CENTRAL DELEGATES, choose well - for you votes will determine if the MCA will ever get back into the groove of New Malaysians, giving it a place in the New Malaysia or be thrown out with the rest of old Malaysia, cast into the darkness of oblivion and the dustbins of history

Dato' Chua Jui Meng's Manifesto Launch - 28th September 2008

This is the complete proceedings of Dato' Chua's Manifesto Launch





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Dato' Chua Jui Meng's Speech in Seremban 17th September 2008 (PART 6)

This is the SIXTH & LAST part of the speech dated 17th September 2008.

From The Laments of a Broken Hearted Silhouette II

Another article from Kyel's website

Open Letter to MCA Central Delegate(s)

The internal MCA election is drawing nearer and as said in the previous post, changes have to be made within the party to revitalize the aspirations of the Chinese community in Malaysia and also for the nation. Promises are often made to gain vote of confidence from the people but in the end those words mean nothing and end up broken.

I would not deny that I am one of the strong supporters for Dato’ Chua Jui Meng and not being biased towards the other candidates but he is not contesting for the Presidency on a level field because as we all know the world is unjust in its own ways and it is the same when it comes to politics in this country. In order to have a committed party and members, the first step to walk is practice equilibrium in all departments.

The irony behind this is – do you see any balance in the party and are the leaders as dedicated as they endorsed themselves to be?

From my own point of view, in the 2005 internal MCA election, Ong Ka Ting was chosen by the members to preside over the party but clearly he had proved and given nothing to the Chinese community and this statement is not a pun because those whom can see clearly through the tunnel of truth realizes that the aspirations of the Chinese community in the nation has not been heard in the corridors of power. Sad as it may seem but reality sunk in and obtaining the power to reign was the main agenda.

Time has come again for the Central Delegates to make a choice for the future of the party and the Chinese community in the nation. Every delegate has their own thoughts and a candidate whom they think is suited to take over the reins of leadership. One of the candidates said that that there is no need for a manifesto and a team but today the candidate is doing otherwise and dancing with the tune. Sounds contradictory, no?

Take a moment to ponder; which is better – a leader who said one thing but is doing the opposite instead or a leader that has visions for the party and the community?

It was mentioned that Dato’ Chua Jui Meng should retire because of his age but whenever it comes to revitalizing a party or visions to benefit a community, age is not a factor and is often limitless. One of the best examples that can be looked upon is our neighboring country – Singapore. Though Lee Kuan Yew has retired from being the leader of his country, he is still the minister of mentor – advising and at the same time guiding the younger generation about the nook and crannies about running a country. Furthermore, Deng Xiaoping of China is another good example because he is founder and father of modern China because he took over the reins of leadership when he was way past eighty years old.

Does this not prove that age is not a factor when it comes to leadership?

Honestly said – age can be a contributing factor when it comes to politics and leadership because as a person grows older maturity sinks alongside the experiences in life. Looking back in the past – what changes has been made in the Youth movement when members were throwing chairs at each other? Is this even called maturity?

Reforming and revitalizing a party with the necessary core changes is a Herculean task because vast experiences in the field are needed and to compare a youngling in politics with a senior candidate is unacceptable because through age and maturity only then experiences in various departments can be encountered. Along the way, dealing with veterans in other parties is needed and to do so certain level of knowledge, nerves, facts and figures are considered necessary.

A political party is a team and without the needed team working skills, a leader will not be able to lead properly. Considering the fact that Dato’ Chua wants to reform and revitalize the party it shows that he has a plan and visions to make MCA work together hand-in-hand and as a team. Setting aside the notion of MCA being a party, why not grant him an opportunity to lead the members and community to achieve greater heights so that everyone will feel at home like one big happy family rather than having a team filled with loggerheads?

Leading a party and community deems vast experiences in politics and life in general and besides having a vision of how the party would become in the near future helps to nurture the community and objectives towards the long-term goals that has been mapped out on the agenda. The reason why Dato’ Chua is the best candidate for the post of Presidency is because he has stood against many odds in 2005 and he is doing it again this time because of his will and how strongly he believes that he can contribute to the betterment of the Chinese in Malaysia.

I hope that the Central Delegates will choose and vote wisely. They have the power and ability to grant this man the mandate to lead the party and its people to victory. He stands alone, brave and strong to reach out to you, the Central Delegates because he has neither access nor information to reach to you whereas the other candidates have.

With great powers come great responsibilities. Choose wisely for the benefits and goals of the party in a long-term view and not short-term or for your own personal benefits and greed. Always vote responsibly and think of the community and nation rather than one’s own advantages - as voting is another form of power which has to be used conscientiously.

Once again - click on the title or HERE to go to her site.

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From The Laments of a Broken Hearted Silhouette

While going through the web, I did come across a blog entry of which is relevant as well as heartwarming...

Calls For Transformation

On March 8th this year, the National Front (Barisan Nasional) was delivered a stinging rebuke by the nation and its people. From this reprimand the party should already be on the verge of waking up from their deep slumber and start to examine the critical aspects of their actions towards the country and community that caused the furor during the General Election.

The election results served as a wake up call to every politician in this country and the actions that they must take to reinstate the country and its people to its original form that can inadvertently bring benefits to the three races – Malays, Chinese and Indians. Come what may, everyone has to fight for his or her survival because that is the core that holds our existence.

From the point of view of a young adult - I daresay that everyone has to abolish the fear of commitment and to accept changes in the country and also the existing parties because when there are nagging apprehensions transformation can never happen no matter how hard the bandwagon of change is being pursued. The mind is a powerful tool and if our mindset has been strictly limited to a certain perimeter; fear encompasses us, thus the lagging change in every division – be it in the country, within the community or the parties.

Due to the General Elections earlier this year, the Malaysian Chinese Association or fondly known as MCA has been labeled as irrelevant because of alienation not only in between the party and the benefits of the Chinese community in this country but also the nation as a whole. The voices of the people are no longer heard within the corridors of power even though the party was and still is a platform between the Chinese community and the Government in Malaysia.

The internal MCA elections will be held on the 18th of October and there is a need for change within the party. One of the candidates for Presidency is none other than Datuk Chua Jui Meng. In 2005, he campaigned for Presidency (as well), hoping that winds of change would happen within the party and for the people but sadly the platform of renewal was not approved. However, he did not give up his hopes – to see transformation in the party and its current mindset and to be the voice of the community within the corridors of power. This year, Datuk Chua Jui Meng is back on the track as one of the candidates for Presidency with a different manifesto and the core of his hopes for the party is to see renewals in every aspect that would give advantage and chances to the community and to rejuvenate the mindset of the party.

In his manifesto, Datuk Chua hopes to revitalize the party so that the Chinese community will not lose their confidence – again and to restore the lost dignity within the party. Also, at the same time, he is vying to rebuild the image of confidence in the eyes of the Chinese community especially those who lost faith knowing that there is no accountability and transparency in the party of how they served the community.

It is a known fact that MCA has to be rebuilt because it has been completely out of touch with the aspirations of the Malaysian Chinese community in the society and the nation itself because of the party’s inability to influence major policies in the country that can benefit the people – regardless of race, religion and creed. Moreover, the party has neglected vital matters that are important to the community by keeping mum and thus abolishing the transparency for the people - indirectly.

The mission statement for Datuk Chua Jui Meng’s campaign for Presidency is - “Rebuild The Party, Return To Relevance, Realize Vision 2020”. From the proclamation and his visions for the party and community, one can concede that he is none other than the most suitable person or leader to control the reins of leadership. Through his manifesto, Datuk Chua can restore the accountability and transparency within the party and its members once again and to uphold the glory of the community and the revitalized party in the eyes of the Malaysian Chinese.

As a Malaysian Chinese, I strongly believe that everyone should give Datuk Chua a chance to re-establish MCA and bring back the glory that it once had so that the desires of the community can be voiced through the corridors of power without fail and to see changes for the people and of course – the nation. Moreover, allowing fear of transformation to haunt oneself is unhealthy because as the country goes through developments to make it a better place for the people, inadvertently the society will evolve and change together.

Transformations are inevitable and unavoidable. The same goes to evolution in human beings. It is definitely time for a drastic transformation within MCA.

So, if the community can embrace reformation without having fear nagging at their sleeves and hearts, give Datuk Chua Jui Meng the vote of confidence so that he can bring in his visions to rebuild the party and to restore its dignity and all the more – its old-time glory.

Grant Datuk Chua Jui Meng the power to be the stronghold and leader of MCA. Let him be the new President and the new leader that everyone is seeking for!

For more information about Datuk Chua Jui Meng’s manifesto, visit his website.

A well written piece - click on the links above to directly access the article her blog or click here

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Back to Relevance

I quote from the Sun newspaper

"The Transport Minister retaliated in his blog by criticising the many "irrelevant" (MCA) politicians who have exploited the image by speaking up even "better" than the Opposition.

He also asked politicians who are trying to make a comeback: "Are they criticising policies they used to support when they were in power?"

Jui Meng has been vocal in the final leg of his nationwide campaign trail, telling members the need to put an end to the New Economic Police (NEP) which he described as "outdated" and "outlived it's usefulness"."

This is a very important difference between the style and substance of Dato' Chua and the style and (for the want of a better word) 'substance' of Datuk Ong.

Dato' Chua has a long track record of speaking out against the NEP. His speech in parliament in 1988 is one perfect example of this. How can Ong say that Dato' Chua did not criticise but rather support the NEP? Get your facts right my friend. Go back to the parliamentary Hansard and read the transcript of that speech. The speech is in Malay and should be easily understandable.

Also, Datuk Ong - it is 'relevant' politicians like you that has pushed the MCA into the 'irrelevance' it is today. For me, I rather have 'irrelevant' politicians that speak out on issues that matter leading a resurgent MCA - Back to Relevance!

Dato' Chua Jui Meng's Speech in Seremban 17th September 2008 (PART 5)

This is the continuation of the speech dated 17th September 2008. 1 more part (6) is forthcoming for this hour long speech.

Nanyang Issue

In an article in this morning's Malaysiakini entitled "Don't politicise Nanyang issue", the call by Mr Leong Tang Chong not to discuss the Nanyang issue should be disregarded by all aspiring candidates.

And I quote from the article
"Barely three years after acquiring the Nanyang shares, MCA sold 21.02 percent of its controlling 44.4 percent stake in the company to Ezywood Options Sdn Bhd, linked to Sarawakian media and timber tycoon Tiong Hiew King."

Looking at another article in 2006 on the Sun - MCA gives up Nanyang, Tiong monopolises four national Chinese dailies, we note that Ong Ka Ting mentioned the following.

"The sale of Nanyang is not a CC decision because it is a commercial investment and the decision is made by the board (Huaren) which informed the CC. The CC has taken note of the decision and will leave it to the board to do the necessary, according to the rules and regulations. The details will be announced by both parties (Huaren and Ezywood)," Ong told a press conference yesterday evening.

To a question, he said: "It is not necessary to have an extraordinary general meeting (to approve the sale). In 2001, the board was given the mandate to divest part of the share and it is still valid until today."

This is the most ridiculous load of rubbish I have heard on this side of the galaxy. For the MCA leadership to create an opportunity of which the majority of Chinese vernacular papers are controlled by one PERSON is both irresponsible and wrong. There has to be an inquest into the sale.

THIS is exactly why MCA Central Delegates need to know what is going on in Huaren Holdings! How does the board comes up with bright ideas like the above. A briefing after the fact to the CC and 600 select members (out of 1.3 million I might add) is insufficient and laughable.

This is why I support Dato' Chua's call to increase transparency in the party! I quote from his manifesto text.

Promoting Transparency and Democracy
I believe that democracy thrives when we have a Party leadership that is accountable to the Party, however accountability can only be enforced through transparency.

Huaren Holdings
We need to INTRODUCE RULES THAT WILL ENFORCE TRANSPARENCY, for example that it should be mandatory for the Huaren accounts to be published during the Party’s AGM.

Currently Huaren Holding’s accounts are not transparent; members, leaders and Central Delegates do not know how much profit we make a year, how much expenditures are incurred and how the money has been spent. We need to ensure that the Party’s finances are being ably and fairly administered and distributed.

Furthermore now we need to provide financial assistance to our MCA comrades in Penang, Selangor, Perak, and Kedah, who having lost their state and parliamentary seats are no longer entitled to MP or ADUN allocations for their constituencies.

We need to also help to our party members in Sabah, who until today still do not have their own MCA state building.

Huaren Holdings belongs to MCA, and therefore to all MCA members. Therefore we should ensure that A SIGNIFICANT PART OF ITS PROFITS IS DISTRIBUTED TO ALL THE DIVISIONS to fund our activities as we seek to reconnect with the people.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

True Outspokenness

Below are last 3 questions (of 6) taken from the Question & Answers with the press conducted after the launching of Dato' Chua's manifesto on the 28th of the month.

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

True Outspokenness

Below are 3 of 6 parts taken from the Question & Answers with the press conducted after the launching of Dato' Chua's manifesto on the 28th of the month.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3